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The European Innovation Indicators Panel (EIS), which measures the degree to which the economies of countries have the capacity and carry out innovation activities, puts the Basque Country at a level of countries with high innovation in Europe.

Committing to innovation is the hallmark of the Basque Country, a commitment that has brought it recognition and resources in Europe. In addition to being the autonomous community that devotes the highest percentage of its GDP to R&D, 1.89%, its scientific-technological and business capacities have put it at a level of countries with high innovation in Europe. Among the indicators that appear in the EIS panel, the Basque Country stands out in three dimensions compared to the European average: Human Resources, Links and Entrepreneurship, and Research Systems.

The Basque Country has both the scientific and technological potential required and linked to a recognised business infrastructure to focus its efforts and become world leaders in terms of some of the priorities identified as strategic.