Invest in The Basque Country

Basic guide to labour, commercial, accounting and tax regulations

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Basque public institutions annually allocate significant funds to finance projects of interest that are carried out by local and foreign companies with work centres in the Basque Country.

This financial support, which is compatible with other programmes and funds from Spain and the EU, is aimed at incentivising technological and sustainable investments with a high impact on employment, to support R&D&I actions, to promote the internationalisation of companies and to promote entrepreneurial activity as a driver of change and innovation in organisations. It is also focused on smart specialisation in three strategic areas: Biosciences for Health, Energy and Advanced Manufacturing 4.0.

The following is a list of some of the main aid programmes awarded and called by the Basque Government, SPRI, the Basque Provincial Councils and the General Administration of the Spanish State, as well as the venture capital funds that serve as a stimulus to invest in and develop companies in the Basque Country.