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The Basque Country has a solid industrial base, with a sector that represents 24% of GDP, constituting an attractive competitiveness cluster in which there is a firm commitment to Industry 4.0.

Basque industry has consolidated its commitment to efficiency, quality, technological development and internationalisation.

Industry has always had a specific boost within the framework of the Basque Country’s economic development policy, due to its high impact on wealth, employment, technological development and the development of other sectors.

This is where the success of the Basque industrial policy lies, with the commitment of the Basque Government to support companies on the road to competitiveness

Today, in the face of new scenarios created by the so-called fourth industrial revolution, a shared vision of industrial development has been defined to promote a competitive industrial ecosystem in all its dimensions.

Industry 4.0 has acquired a special role within the challenges of these changing times, with a paradigm shift that demands a new conceptual and strategic approach from Basque industry.

Faced with this new scenario, the Basque Country has directed its efforts towards smart specialisation, identifying those areas in which to concentrate R&D&I human and economic resources. These are three areas that are proposed as strategic: Advanced Manufacturing 4.0, Energy and Biosciences for Health. Basque industrial companies are working to be excellent beyond metalworking manufacturing, mastering new materials, designing and developing their own products, incorporating high value-added services, incorporating ICT and integrating value chains, i.e. Industry 4.0.

Basque Industry 4.0

The Basque Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing strategy is building the foundations on which to support the development of future manufacturing in the Basque Country. It is a commitment to incorporating intelligence in production means and systems, the use of emerging skills and technologies in new products and processes and the integration of advanced materials in solutions with greater added value and improved processes, among others.

Basque Industry 4.0 is based on three strategic pillars: Basque Digital Innovation Hub (connected network of assets), Training for employment and New business models.

Basque Digital Innovation Hub

This is a network of R&D infrastructures, pilot plants and technical expertise specialising in different areas of advanced manufacturing, a digitally linked network owned by R&D centres, vocational training centres and universities that have the support of public institutions.

The network is used to develop R&D projects, scale up industrial projects, exhibit cutting-edge technologies and also as a resource for training and accelerating start-ups.