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The Basque Country, which is the best connected medium-sized region in Europe according to the Financial Times in 2016, represents one of the largest industrial concentrations in Spain and its quality and productivity levels put it at the forefront of Europe.

From experience and tradition, the Basque Country is embarking on a race towards competitiveness, in a globalised and highly industrialised economy, where more than 5,000 companies have the highest quality certifications.

Thanks to a committed industrial infrastructure and a firm institutional commitment to a serious industrial policy, the Basque Country has managed to become a world reference in various industrial sectors:

  • Advanced Machinery: one of Europe’s top producers of machine tools.
  • Automotive industry: more than 45% of the volume of Spain’s car industry is produced in the Basque Country
  • Aeronautics: half of all large commercial aircraft have an engine made in the Basque Country (ITP/Rolls Royce).
  • Energy: the leading wind energy company, Gamesa/Siemens, has its headquarters in the Basque Country.
  • Maritime Industry: one of the few places in the world with such a heavy focus on the shipbuilding industry.
  • Railway Industry: railway systems in many cities around the world bear the seal of a Basque company, CAF.
  • Eco-industries: a leading region in Europe in the field of eco-industries and the circular economy.

This has all been possible thanks to its fiscal autonomy, its own tax system, which gives it regulatory and management capacity.

BIG little Basque Country expresses the strength and energy of this small country, with a drive to tackle the most complex challenges and performance indicators above the European average.