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SPRI – Business Development Basque Agency. PRESENTATION

SPRI – Business Development Basque Agency is the Basque Business Development Agency, a company dependent on the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government.

Our objective is to provide support to and boost Basque companies through the various programmes and services with which we transfer the different policies of the Basque Government in order to provide a service to the business infrastructure of our country.

Basque companies find those tools in the SPRI Group with which to internationalise, engage, receive funding, locate industrial land, apply new technologies, innovate and carry out the process required to enter New Industry, Basque Industry 4.0. It is also the agency commissioned by the Basque Government to attract and facilitate foreign investment from its Invest in the Basque Country service.

The SPRI Group wants to be an important reference for Basque companies through its communication channels –, bulletins and social networks.


The general framework for the SPRI Management Plan is the Framework Programme for Employment and Economic Recovery 2017-2020. This Framework Programme is set out in the following strategic plans:

Industrialisation Plan 2017-2020

Entrepreneurship Plan 2017-2020

Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2020

Internationalisation Plan 2017-2020


We are encouraging the economic recovery of the Basque Country with support and services in 8 strategic areas

01. Industry 4.0

Helping Basque companies move towards more knowledge-intensive and value-added manufacturing activities. Reinforcing the position of the Basque Country as an industry-based economy by promoting knowledge-intensive manufacturing.

Basque Industry 4.0 is a commitment to incorporating intelligence in production means and systems, the use of emerging skills and technologies in new products and processes, the integration of advanced materials in solutions with greater added value and improved processes, the efficiency and sustainability of the resources used and the integration of high value-added services

02. Technology

The Technology Department manages programmes and instruments to support and promote the Basque Government’s Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.

These programmes and instruments are aimed at strengthening the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation System and, to this end, we design aid and services to support the strategic research carried out by the research entities integrated into the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Networkand Basque companies in order to develop business initiatives and new products in the field of R&D.

03. Cybersecurity

The dynamisation of the economic activity related to the application of cybersecurity helps to strengthen the professional sector. In this way, we are able to promote and develop a culture of cybersecurity in Basque society.

The “Basque Cybersecurity Centre” (BCSC) was set up to tackle these challenges and respond to potential security incidents in the Basque Country. It is the organisation designated by the Basque Government to promote cybersecurity in the Basque Country. Its mission is to promote and develop a culture of cybersecurity in Basque society, to dynamise economic activities related to the application of cybersecurity and to strengthen the professional sector.

04. Innovation

The SPRI Innovation Department works to implement the policies emanating from the Basque Government with the aim of promoting innovation in the Basque business infrastructure.

In this regard, the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government, together with SPRI, have designed and implemented the Innobideak strategy, which establishes the framework for supporting innovation in business management models and is based on an advanced management model that makes it possible to tackle the challenges posed by the current crisis and lay solid foundations for the future competitive development of Basque companies.

05. Entrepreneurship

We provide the support that new business initiatives need by providing them with comprehensive, flexible backing tailored to their needs, so that they can get under way, grow and consolidate their position successfully in the market. We prioritise technology-based projects and / or advanced innovation (Start-ups) in sectors defined as strategic within the Science and Technology Plan: industrial, information technologies, advanced software development, biomedicine-biosciences, nano- and micro-technology, language technology and clean and renewable energies. This work is embodied in Business and Innovation Centres (BICs).

06. The Information Society

The Information Society Department supports the application of electronics and information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Basque companies and promotes opportunities for business and social development from using them properly. These activities are part of a global strategy designed by the Basque Government, the Basque Digital Agenda 2020.

The support instruments that we offer in this area of activity provide technological support in the process of incorporating information technologies, help the implementation of ICT solutions for self-employed workers and microenterprises and provide training and education on how to use them.

Thanks to the SPRI EnpresaDigitala initiative, we support Basque entrepreneurs to make the incorporation and sustainable use of information and communication technologies in their businesses a reality, providing them with access to the necessary guidance, training and resources.

07. Internationalisation – Basque Trade

The Basque Trade Internationalisation Department provides tailor-made services for every company throughout the process to operate abroad, with the support of its entire foreign network. It generates international business opportunities for Basque companies, based on the creation and improvement of the prestige of the Basque Country and its institutions abroad.

08. Attracting investment

The Basque Country is the third largest investment capital in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. From a sectoral point of view, foreign investment in recent years (2014-2017) in the Basque Country has focused on medium-high technology industrial sectors. In the Basque Country, foreign subsidiaries account for only 0.52% of Basque companies, but account for more than 15% of turnover and have increased their weight in the Basque economy by more than 48% in the period 2008-2015.

The activity of the SPRI Invest in the Basque Country Department contributed to these figures, being proactive in the search for companies bringing high added value and generating employment.