We analyse the best solutions for optimal tax management in accordance with the current regulations.


  • Natural Persons and Households.

  • Legal Entities and Corporate Groups.

  • Public and semi-public entities, Associations and Foundations.

Tax Schedule Basque Country 2022
Tax Schedule Madrid 2022


  • Tax Strategy Plan

  • Ongoing monitoring of issues with tax incidence.

  • Study and preparation of different taxes and returns.

  • Taxpayer defence: appeals and inspections.

  • Tax deferments.

  • Accounting advice Sectoral plans.

  • Study and advice for Annual accounts and other Accounting statements.

  • Business restructuring, mergers, demergers, etc.

  • Acquisitions and business transfers.

  • Tax group in corporate tax and in VAT.

  • Utilisation of tax incentives associated with investments in I+D+I

  • International taxation Non-residents Permanent establishment.

  • Related transactions Transfer pricing.

  • Tax auditing.

  • Economic agreement Taxation by different Administrations.